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Association Management Services

What we're good at
Condo and Property Management

Mindel Management is a family run business founded in 1982 and specializes in condominium and property management. We manage buildings from 6 to 600 units and provide all management services in collaboration with the Board of Directors. Headquartered in Dupont Circle, our centrally-located office enables us to respond quickly to your property’s day-to-day as well as emergency needs.

If you are interested in discussing having Mindel manage your property please visit our Contact Us page, tell us a little about your apartment and we will get back to you with a proposal as quickly as possible, or call us at 202-232-4653.


Financials: Financials are prepared and distributed to the Board monthly. Financials include Income & Expense Reports, Paid Bills, Assessment & Expenses Reconciliation, Delinquencies and Bank Account Documentation.

Annual Budget Preparation: Your property manager will work with the Treasurer and other Board members to develop the annual operating budget based on the previous year’s expenses and projected line item increases. The budget will include recommended Reserve Replacement funding levels.

Tax Preparation, Annual Audits & Legal Filings: In consultation with your Association’s accountant or attorney Mindel will prepare and file all tax, audit and legal documents.

Fee Collection: Mindel will receive all monthly and special condo fee assessments and follow-up on any delinquencies as appropriate.

Condo Fee Payment Process: Mindel accepts direct debit; on-line (credit card with administrative fee); bill payment service and bank checks by mail. Mindel does not accept cash.

File Management: Mindel will maintain all official documents of the Association.

Owner And Resident Directory: Mindel will maintain an up-to-date electronic listing of all owners and residents in the building.


Replacement Reserve Study: Your property manager will review your current Replacement Reserve Study to be sure all elements are included, order a new one when necessary and monitor that all replacements are done in a timely manner.

Capital Improvements: Your property manager will manage all aspects of both small and major repair and replacement projects including developing a scope of work, contract negotiation, managing the project, reviewing the punch list and paying the final bill.

Maintenance Oversight: Mindel will work with the Board to develop and implement a routine maintenance program for all building elements and common areas and supervise all contractors. Mindel will also order all supplies and other items necessary for the upkeep of the building.

On-Site Inspections: Your property manager will walk the interior and exterior of the property weekly to assess cleanliness of the areas and order any necessary repairs or cleaning needed.


Communications With The Board: Your property manager will attend monthly Board meetings and one Annual Owners’ Meeting each year. Mindel will be responsible for assuring that all official meetings are in compliance with the By-Laws and sufficient notice is given to all owners. Your property manager is always available by phone and email.

Communications With Owners & Residents: Mindel will assist with all owner and resident notifications.

Administration of Rules: In coordination with the Board, Mindel will enforce the condominium’s By-Laws and Rules & Regulations.

Condominium Association Website Or Newsletter: For an additional fee Mindel will build, host and update a website for your Association. Mindel can also provide a custom newsletter from the Board to your owners and residents on a monthly basis or as often as needed for an additional fee.

Electronic Notification: Mindel encourages all owners and residents to opt-in to our electronic notification program to save the Association time and money and to help the environment.

24-Hour Emergency Response: – 365 Days A Year

After normal working hours Mindel provides an on-call property manager who will respond to any emergency and dispatch the appropriate assistance.