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Association Management Services
Mindel manages a portfolio of small to mid and large sized Condo Associations. We intentionally limit the size our portfolio so that we can give individual attention to all of our buildings.

Our rates are competitive and we maintain an attention to detail from weekly inspections of the properties to monthly financials and long range financial and reserve replacement planning.

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Apartment Rental Services
Mindel provides a turnkey operation for owners who want an income producing property. We take care of all of the details from finding & vetting prospective tenants to collecting rents, paying your HOA fees, managing maintenance requests and inspecting the property before a security deposit is returned.

Our dedicated staff will help you set a realistic financial expectation and insure that your apartment is ready to be rented. You sit back and we take care of the rest.

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Close Communication With Boards

Mindel believes that clear and frequent communication with our Association Boards is key to success. Property managers are available by phone, text and email, attend and help plan Board and Annual Owners' meetings, coordinate repairs, renovations as well as major reserve replacement projects.

Financial Management, Monthly Reporting & Annual Budget Development

Mindel believes that the success of a condo association begins with sound financial planning. As with all property management companies Mindel collects condo fees, pays bills, provides monthly statements of accounts and annual audits. But were Mindel stands out is our strategic financial planning including realistic budget costs and income projection and reserve replacement planning. We are constantly looking ahead so your Association is not caught short.

Day-To-Day Operations Oversight

Mindel is a ``hands-on`` management company. Our property managers inspect the properties from roof to basement and walk the exterior and grounds weekly. This ensures that both large and small issues can be identified and corrected early and that the property is clean. Mindel arranges for and purchases materials and supples necessary for the smooth operation of the building, the supervision and management of all personnel necessary to the operation of the building, arranges for and monitors routine repairs, inspections and services and produces and distributes notices, updates and correspondence to owners and residents.

Large Network of Expert Vendors & Professionals

Mindel works with only the most experienced experts. All of our service vendors are licensed and bonded. Our attorneys, auditors and contractors are experts in the areas of DC Condo Laws & Regulations and have decades of experience with condos in the DC area.


Additional Services & Resources

Mindel provides a wide range of services and resources in addition to condo association property management.

Rental Apartment Management

Let Us Find You A New Tenant

Mindel takes care of all of the details. From finding a tenant, collecting the rent, handling maintenance requests, providing a full accounting and depositing money in your account to insuring that your apartment is left clean and undamaged after move out.

Reserve Replacement Planning

Let Us Help You Plan For The Future

Planning for the future is one of the things we do best. We take care of everything from ordering the study and assuring that all elements of the building are included to implementing a plan and budget for all repairs and renovations.

Informational Resources

Let Us Help You Keep Informed

Knowledge is power. That's why we provide our Boards, owners and residents with quarterly newsletters and periodic updates on DC Condo Laws and other issues of importance.

Special Project Coordination

Let Us Take Care Of That

We take care of all of the details on any project big or small. From identifying the contractor and tracking deliveries to checking the punch list and paying the bills.