Mindel Management Services

Mindel Management provides comprehensive management to its community association clients. A turnkey solution, we offer financial and on-site services, including:

Financial Management

  • The collection of all fees, payment of outstanding bills, and maintenance of operating and savings accounts
  • Preparing monthly reports consisting of:
    • Account reconciliations
    • Balance Sheet and Income/Expense Statements
    • Statement of Disbursements (Check Register)
    • Delinquency updates, late notices and warning letters
  • Working with the association's Treasurer to develop the annual budget

Day-to-Day Operations Oversight

  • Regular inspection of properties to survey their physical condition and cleanliness, ensuring both large and small issues can be identified corrected
  • Investigation of, arrangement for and purchase of materials and supplies necessary for the smooth operation of the building
  • The supervision and management of all personnel necessary to the operation of the building
  • Arranging for and monitoring routine repairs and services
  • The production and distribution of notices, updates and correspondence to owners and residents

Special Project Coordination

  • Soliciting competitive bids for projects
  • Assisting in the development of specifications for and the supervision of major repair or renovation/projects
  • Responding to and coordinating insurance claims made against the master policy

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